Jaipur Marathons And Running Events

Jaipur Marathons And Running Events

Upcoming Races in Jaipur

8 Jan 2023, Mumbai
Registrations not yet open
₹ 1000 onwards

Tuffman Jaipur

Tuffman is India’s most renowned endurance sports website that provides Running, Cycling and Swimming events to fitness and sports fans.

To help those who are tough out of their bodies and instill that strength into their the mind, and assist them in discovering their true tuff spirit. Additionally, to motivate people to take these run-based holidays with their families and friends , and reconnect with nature in a unique way read more…
au bank jaipur marathon
05 Feb 2023, Mumbai
Registrations are open
₹ 300 onwards

AU Bank Jaipur Marathon

The AU Bank Jaipur Marathon is an annual international marathon held in Jaipur, India. With its inaugural run in 2010, the marathon is organized in the month of February.

It is not only one of the largest marathons in Asia, it is also the largest mass participation sporting event on the continent with a record-making 80000 participants in the year 2018. The Jaipur Marathon course is AIMS certified and is flat & fast. With cool February weather, this race is ideally suited for runners to achieve their PBs read more…

Running Events Near Jaipur

10 Sep 2023, Udaipur
Registrations are open
₹ 4500 onwards

HercUlean Tri.5 – Udaipur

Triathlon is a combination of three sports: Swim, Cycle, and Run. It takes courage, determination, strength and perseverance to do any activity. It is to bring you the Herculean Tri-Konark and Herculean Tri.5 ITF Udaipur triathlon circuit races that were established in India in 2020.

The race’s purpose is to promote triathlon and encourage the full-distance triathlon (Ironman distance race). It also promotes the half, Olympic and sprint categories races. You can participate in the race with all your energy, but you should also enjoy the places that you will be invited to. while you compete! read more…
2023 date not yet announced, Udaipur
Registrations not yet open
₹ 1832 onwards

Hawkman Tri

The “HAWKMANTriathlon” is a three day endurance race at Udaipur in Rajasthan, India. This triathlon race is 10 times longer than the Olympic distance. Olympic Triathlon was first introduced in 2000. HAWKMAN, a 10x Olympic distance triathlon, is being launched after 20 years of racing.

You will discover many things about yourself through this race. It will also test your mental and physical limits. This is a journey that will change your body, mind, and soul to make memories that last a lifetime. The 45-hour race covers 515 km (320 miles) and takes place over 45 hours read more…

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