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Berlin, Germany September 29, 2024 Registration Closed

The BMW Berlin Marathon is an annual racing event held in the month of September in Berlin, Germany.

This event is organized by SSC events and includes the elite running division as well as wheelchair/handbike races and inline skating. BMW Berlin Marathon is a part of the 6 World Marathon Majors.

It is known for being one of the flattest and fastest race courses making way for some world records. In 2018 and again in 2022, Eliud Kipchoge broke the world record in Berlin Marathon.

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BMW Berlin Marathon

Race Categories, Dates, Registration, Eligibility & Fees

Marathon- Runners Marathon- Handbike & wheelchair
Distance 42.2km 42.2km
Race Date 29th September, 2024 29th September, 2024
Start Time  9:15 am onwards^ 8:50 am onwards ^^
Eligibility Criterion 18 years & above 18 years & above #
Fees €205 €205
Registration   Registration closed  Registration closed
Expo Details Venue: Former Flughafen Tempelhof, Platz der Luftbrücke 5, 12101 Berlin
Date & Time : Sep 26 (3pm-8pm), Sep 27 (11am-8pm) & Sep 28 (9am-7pm)

^ The runners would be released in waves

^^ Following start times are indicated: Handbiker (Elite): 8:50 am, Wheelchair athletes:8:56 am, and hand bikers: 8:59 am

# Following categories of Wheelchair competitors are allowed:

  • T 1 Quadriplegic Tetraplegia C5/C6: No functionality of the legs, trunk or fingers; no ability to straighten the elbows.
  • T 2 Quadriplegic Tetraplegia C6/C7: No functionality of the legs or trunk; limited hand functionality; arms and shoulders fully functional.
  • T 3/4 Quadriplegic Paraplegia and other disabilities (e.g. amputations): Full arm and hand functionality; limited to full trunk functionality; some impaired leg functionality.

The following categories of Handbiker competitors are allowed:

  • H1–H4 Recumbent: only hand cycle or adaptive bike
  • H1 Tetraplegia C6 and higher: Limited functionality of the arms and hands; severe limitations to straightening the elbows; limited temperature regulation
  • H2 Tetraplegia C7/C8: Limited functionality of the arms and hands; limited temperature regulation
  • H3 Paraplegia up to TH10: Limited trunk stability
  • H4 Paraplegia from TH11 to L4, leg amputations: Limited or no lower leg functionality; double upper leg amputations; normal or almost normal trunk stability

Regardless of the type of disablement, participation is only possible when the participant is able to compete under one’s own strength. Hence Auxiliary drives of any kind and Kneeling bikes are not allowed in the race

Route/Course Map

Information about the course maps & other details for the BMW Berlin Marathon 2024 is detailed below  

Course Map FM Course Map
Interactive Map FM Interactive Map
Elevation Map FM Elevation Map

The BMW Berlin Marathon route is an OUT & BACK course with the below-mentioned Start and Finish points:

Start Point Finish Point
Between Straße des 17. Juni, between Brandenburg Gate and “Kleiner Stern”. Between Straße des 17. Juni, between Brandenburg Gate and “Kleiner Stern”.

Prize Money

Information about the prizes/ awards for the BMW Berlin Marathon 2024 is not yet available but below are prizes/awards from earlier editions of the BMW Berlin Marathon for reference.

Men/ Women/ Wheelchair
1st Prize $50,000
2nd Prize $25,500
3rd Prize $12,500
4th Prize $7,500
5th Prize $5,000

Other than above, the time bonuses and world record bonuses are also awarded in the BMW Berlin Marathon

Points to Note for Prize Purse

  • The above awards are equal for Males, females, and wheelchair/ handbike divisions /participants.
  • Winners of each age group will be awarded a free start for the upcoming year.

2023 and Earlier Edition Results



Important Points

  1. Registration /participation fees are non-refundable. To cover the participation fee, the organizers recommend purchasing the GENERALI cancellation insurance during the online registration.
  2. Race number transmission/ transfer is also not possible.
  3. Nordic walkers are not entitled to compete.
  4. Team registration: Team of 2 – 3 people can register as a team for the lottery. Each team member needs a personal user account for registration. Please check here for further information about the team registration
  5. Handbikes and race wheelchairs are the only authorized sports equipment. All relevant information for wheelchair competitors and handbikes can be found here.
  6. In case of a successful drawing, participants can order products later on via their user account under “My registrations > 2023 > BMW BERLIN-MARATHON”. The only exception is insurance, which can only be booked directly at the time of registration.
  7. If participants had accepted a goodwill offer in 2022, they have a guaranteed race entry for the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON 2023 and need not take part in the lottery. They will receive further information by the end of October via email.
  8. Numerical errors and spelling mistakes can be corrected by organizers while participant can edit their address themselves under “My account”.
  9. Race material would be given only if ONLY with your start card AND a picture ID (passport, driver’s license) and ONLY to participants. No power of attorney is accepted in any case
  10. Marathon runners will be released in waves. These are divided into starting blocks allocated basis of the best or target time.
  11. The participant can secure their starting place based on their best times but need to submit proof of best time to their registration form. If successful, confirmation would be sent in December 2022, else registration will be entered into the draw. Below are qualifying timings details (run within the last 3 years from the race)
    • Male runners up to 44 years (born 2005 to 1979): under 2:45 hours – Runners up to 59 years (born 1978 to 1964): under 2:55 hours – Runners 60 years and older (born 1963 and older): under 3:25 hours
    • Female runners up to 44 years (born 2005 to 1979): under 3:00 hours – Female runners up to 59 years (born 1978 to 1964): under 3:20 hours – Female runners over 60 years (born 1963 and older): under 4:10 hours
  12. Pacers would be available across all waves
  13. Participants are encouraged to use their own hydration system for supply in the race.
  14. Participants can decide if and by whom they would like to be tracked along the course. Options available are (1) Public– Anyone can follow you via the results page (2) Code – Participant decide who can track the race. (3) Private – Participant does not want to be tracked. Choice needs to be made at time of registration.
  15. Wheelchair/ Handbike participants will be registered and times will be kept using the ChampionChip. Organizers recommend use of specially protected Bike- ChampionChip. Do not use the yellow runner chip. Mika timing will replace your yellow chip for a special chip at no cost.
  16. For the wheelchair & handbike division and inline skating division, wearing a safety helmet is mandatory
  17. For the wheelchair & handbike division, the company “Seeger hilft GmbH & Co. KG” will be on site for the technical wheelchair service in the starting area at 7 a.m and would also be on the track with a service vehicle available. Participants are requested to have suitable tires and other spare parts with them.
  18. Participants can either get a poncho (post race, warm up poncho) or a clothing bag for baggage drop (prior to race start)
  19. There are time limits applicable and the course must be completed within the time limit of 6:15 hours (starting from crossing the starting line). Walkers are permitted as long as they stay within the time limit of 6:15 hours
  20. Runners are classified as below: Master category (1994-2003), Senior category (1993 and older), Junior category (2004-2005) with additional segmentation within the categories by men/women (Categories according to LAO) and wheelchair athletes/ hand cyclists. For Inline Skating participants the following categories are applicable -Masters (1988 and older), Active (1989-2004) and Juniors (2005- 2006) with additional segmentation between men and women within the categories. (WKO 2019/DRIV)

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