Adidas Stockholm Marathon – 2024 Registration & 2023 Results

adidas stockholm marathon
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Stockholm, Sweden June 1-2, 2024 Registration Open

The Adidas Stockholm Marathon, an AIMS-certified race, has been held annually in Stockholm, Sweden since 1979. Typically the marathon is held towards the end of May or the beginning of June on a Saturday afternoon (to minimize disruption to the city). But the late start time also leads to races being held in higher temperatures, especially in recent years.

It also doubles up as the Swedish marathon championship race. Categorized as a Bronze label road race by the World Athletics organization, the Stockholm marathon has also been selected as the best marathon in the world in the book The Ultimate Guide to International Marathons.

Stockholm is a city built on 14 islands hence providing is a scenic route with a lot of waterways. While earlier (till 2009) the two loops around the city were nearly similar with very few differences. But the route has been modified somewhat to make the loops more different from each other to help minimize the overlap of trailing/ slow runners with overlapping elite runners.

Other than the marathon, the event also offers Adidas Stockholm High Five, the Stockholm Junior Run, and the mini-marathon. While the route & distance of the Junior Run and High Five is the same, The Junior Run is a timed run, unlike the High Five run. Last year the Junior Run was canceled – no information was released for 2023.

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Adidas Stockholm Marathon

Race Categories, Dates, Registration, Eligibility & Fees

Marathon High Five Mini Marathon *
Distance 42.2km 5km Various kids races
Race Date June 1, 2024 May 31, 2024 June 2, 2024
Start Time 12:00 pm & 12:10 pm 5:30 pm 10:20 am onwards^^
Eligibility Criterion 18 years & above 13 years & above $ 5-13 years**
Fees  Euro 90 & Up NOK 245 & Up SEK 205 & Up
Registration Register here Registration not yet open Register here
Expo Details Venue: FuturPensionshallen at Östermalm’s IP
Date & Timings: May 30 & June 1 (Timings TBD) 

$ 11-12-year-olds are allowed in the company of a guardian

**For Mini marathon below are various age group eligibility

  • 5-8 years for 1300 mtrs
  • 9-14 years for 2300 mtrs
  • Younger siblings 0-4 years for 250 mtrs

# Fees for all events are time-sensitive i.e. increases closer to the race date. Early bird discounts are available. 

^^ The Mini Marathon category usually has multiple start times based on the age of participants.

Route/Course Map

Information about the course maps and other details for the Adidas Stockholm Marathon 2024 is detailed below


Total of 2 laps – the first lap is 16.6km while the second lap is longer at 25.6km.

The route is an OUT & BACK course with the below-mentioned Start and Finish points:

Start Point Finish Point
Adjacent to the Stockholm Olympic Stadium Inside Stockholm Olympic Stadium

High Five

Check the course map for High Five below:

Mini Marathon

The course has different lengths depending on the child’s age. Check the course map for Mini Marathon below (both 1200 meters & 2256 mtrs)

The route for the mini marathon (both short and long) is a POINT TO POINT course with the below-mentioned Start and Finish points:

Start Point Finish Point
Östermalm’s IP Inside Stockholm Olympic Stadium

Prize Money

For the Adidas Stockholm Marathon, the following awards are usually handed out: Prizes will be sent after the race to the top 3 in each age group: Seniors (18-39 years), 40+, 45+, 50+, 55+, 60+, 65+, 70+, 75+ and 80+

2023 and Earlier Edition Results/Photos



Important Points

  • Water and Sports drinks are available at aid stations. Enervit sports drinks (orange), Bananas, gels, coffee, clear broth, energy tablets, soft drinks, salted gherkins, Red Bull Energy Drink, and Red Bull Simply Cola would also be available at a number of the refreshment stations.
  • Lots of snacks & refreshments (water, soda, coffee, snacks, fruits, hot dogs, alcohol-free beer, and recovery drinks) are available at the finish line to aid runners’ recovery. Runners can also avail of free massages, foot care services, and hot showers.
  • Medical and washroom facilities would also be available on the route/course as well as at the start point/finish line of a race.
  • Time limits are applicable for the Marathon after which the course would be open for regular vehicular traffic. A full marathon needs to be completed within 6 hrs 30 min.
  • While the maximum time available to finish the marathon in 6hrs 30min, there are 3 checkpoints along the course which must be passed by a certain time in order for runners to continue the race.
  • The marathon also offers pacers with finish times ranging from 3.00hrs up to 5:45hrs (with pacers at every 15min pacing goal).
  • Family and friends of those running the marathon can follow their split times during the race via the results which are published on the event website.
  • There were 2 starting times for the Marathon category and runners can apply for Seeding times for race start groups.
  • There are digital clocks placed along the route to indicate the time elapsed (from 12 pm start time)- these are placed at 5 km, 10 km, 15 km, 20 km, 21.1 km (halfway), 25 km, 30 km, 35 km, and 40 km.
  • On race day, public transport (local bus, local train, and underground) is made free for runners as long as they can show the bib number or registration card.

Contact Information
Phone: +46 8 545 664 40 (weekdays 09:00-12:00 and 13:00-15:00)
Website (High Five):

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