Brighton Marathon Weekend– 2025 Registration & 2024 Results


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Brighton & Hove, UK April 5-6, 2025 Registration Open (For Marathon)

The Brighton Marathon is an annual marathon held in Brighton and Hove, England. First organized in 2010, the Brighton Marathon is usually held in April every year

Over the years, the Brighton Marathon has acquired the status of “Britain’s No. 2 marathon”, after the London Marathon. The Brighton Marathon was organized by Grounded Events Company Limited (Grounded Events) till the year 2022 but the organizers changed hands post that and now London Marathon Events (LME) have the license to operate the event until at least 2027.

Along with full marathon, the event has a 10km and a family run

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Brighton Marathon :

Race Categories, Dates, Registration, Eligibility & Fees

Marathon  10K  Brighton Mini Miles
Distance 42.2km 10km Various distances
Date Apr 6, 2025 (Sunday) Apr 6, 2025 (Sunday) Apr 5, 2025 (Saturday)
Start Time  * 9:45 am 8:30 am 10:30 am
Eligibility Criterion * 18 years & above Not specified All ages
Fees  £59.99 & Up £39.99 * Free *
Registration Register here
Expo Details * The Expo Venue for 2024 was at Preston Park

*Details of Eligibility, Registration fees (for 10K & Brighton Mini Miles), Race Start time, Expo details, etc. for the Brighton Marathon Weekend 2025 have not yet been released. Above are details from the 2024 race event for reference

Route / Course Map

Information about the course maps & other details for the Brighton Marathon Weekend 2025 not yet released. Below are details from the 2024 event for reference

While the Marathon event has a POINT to POINT course, the 10K race has an OUT & BACK course

Course Map  Start Point Finish Point
Marathon  FM Course Map Preston Park Hove Lawns
10K 10K Course Map Hove Lawns Hove Lawns


Prize Money

Information about the prizes money for the Brighton Marathon Weekend 2025 is not yet released. Below are details from the 2024 event for reference. All Prizes are equal for men and women for the Marathon and 10K races

1st Position 2nd Position 2nd Position
Marathon  £ 500 £ 300 £ 200
10K £ 300 £ 200 £ 100
Wheelchair £ 250


2024 and Earlier Edition Results


Important Points

  • Registration: No deferral, transfer or refunds are allowed
  • Parental consent: Organizers requires parental consent before any Participant below the age of 18 years old is permitted to participate in the Event;
  • Aid stations will be placed throughout the course
  • Baggage check in available.
  • Time limits: There is an upper limit applicable for the Marathon (7 hours) and 10K (2 hours) beyond which the course would be shut down

Contact Information
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