TCS London Marathon – 2024 Registration & 2023 Results

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London, UK 21 April 2024 Registration for Ballot Closed

The TCS London Marathon is an annual marathon held in London, United Kingdom. Founded in 1981, the TCS London Marathon is usually held in April and has been one of the six World Marathon Majors since 2006.

The TCS London Marathon is one of the largest running events in the United Kingdom and has a significant charity component attached to the marathon, with participants helping to raise over £1 billion since its founding.

The race caters to everyone –  an open marathon for the masses, professional races for elite athletes, wheelchair races, and a mini-marathon event for under-17 athletes. It is largely a flat course set around the River Thames aiding runners in achieving their personal bests (PBs).

The 2020 London Marathon was postponed and only allowed elite participants due to the COVID-19 outbreak. For the same reason, the 2021 and 2022 editions were postponed to October.

The race has a title sponsorship, sponsored by Virgin Money for several years before it was branded the “TCS London Marathon” in 2022.

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TCS London Marathon

Race Categories, Dates, Registration, Eligibility & Fees

Marathon Mini London Marathon
Mini London Marathon
(1 mile)
Distance 42.2km 2.6km 1.6km
Race Date 21st April, 2024 20th April, 2024 20th April, 2024
Start Time^ 9:40 am onwards* 9:00 am onwards** 11:00 am onwards**
Eligibility Criterion 18 years & above 10 – 17 years^^ 4 -11 years^^
Fees U.K. Residents – Live event £69.99 Free# Free#
Fees – International-Live event  £146
(including £ 26 levy)
Fees U.K. Residents- Virtual event ^ £28
Fees – International-Virtual event ^ £35
Registration- UK Residents Registration Closed for Ballot Entry Registration Not yet open Registration Not yet open
Registration- International Registration Closed for Ballot Entry
Expo Details^ Venue: TCS London Marathon Running Show, Halls N1-N8 (Entrance N3), ExCeL London, 1 Western Gateway, Royal Victoria Dock, London E16 1XL
Date & Timings: April 17-19 (10am-8pm) & April 20 (8:30am – 5:30am)

^ Details of Race Start time, etc. for the TCS London Marathon 2024 has not yet been released. Above are details from the 2023 race event for reference 
* Full Marathon participants would be allotted start wave times based on predicted finish times submitted. The runners would be left off in waves to space out the participants to avoid overcrowding.
** Tentatively children, would be left off in waves starting with the MLM 2.6K championship run (waves starting at 9 am), followed by the MLM 2.6K (7 waves starting 9:55 am till 10:25 am) and MLM 1mile run (14 waves starting 11 am till 1:20 pm).
^^ Mini London Marathon – both 2.6K and 1mile – are applied through schools. Children from Reception to Year 3 need adult supervision in the ratio of 1:8. MLM 2.6K also will host the MLM kids’ championship for budding athletes.
# No entry fees to MLM -2.6K or MLM 1mile. Instead, £10 would be paid to the school per child who completes the race. This amount is to be used for PE or IT equipment.

*** There are multiple ways to enter /apply for TCS London Marathon. Please check here for more details.

  1. Virtual TCS London Marathon: The virtual edition gives runners the freedom to take on 26.2 miles their way, on the route of their choice, at any time from 00:00 to 23:59:59 BST on race day – the same day as the mass event in London. Read More about the Virtual TCS London marathon.
  2. Ballot entry: The draw for the TCS London Marathon Ballot is completely random giving all applicants the same chance. To increase chance of gaining a spot, runners can opt to donate their entry fees when they enter the ballot since all fee-donators get to enter a second draw to secure a place. Read more about the Ballot entry.
  3. Good for Age: Only for UK resident who achieves a qualifying time within a qualifying time period and their application has been received by the published closing date. Good for Age places are then allocated on a ‘fastest first’ basis compared to age and the qualifying time. Applicable for entries through Charity, direct sales, or ballots.
  4. Championship Entry: The runners’ qualifying performance for a marathon /half marathon must have been run at an event with a course certified by UKA, AIMS, or a national governing body for distance running for the country in which the event was held. They also need to be registered with their national governing body (England Athletics, Scotland Athletics, Welsh Athletics, or Athletics Northern Ireland). The membership needs to be valid at the time of the race. Read more details about Championship entry.
  5. British Athletics Club:  All athletics clubs affiliated with British Athletics are eligible to apply for TCS London Marathon club entries. The number of entries allocated to each club will be based on the number of first claim-registered members it has. These members must also be aged 18 or over and registered with British Athletics.  To know more details about British Athletics Club entries.
  6. Deferred Entry: Race entries can be deferred to the following year if the participant is eligible to do so. Read more about deferred entry here.
  7. Charity Program: Each year, most major charities are given a set number of TCS London Marathon entry places through the Golden and Silver Bond schemes. They allocate these places to runners who, in return, agree to raise a minimum amount of money for that charity. Check here for listed charities. Since the number of applicants are higher than charity spots, the charities select applicants basis their connection with the cause as well as expected fundraising. Read more about charity entry.
  8. International Tour Group: Interested participants can get a guaranteed spot through affiliated international tour groups. Read more about international tour group entries.

Route/Course Map

Information about the course maps & other details for the TCS London Marathon 2024 not yet available. Please check the information from the 2023 event below

Marathon MLM-2.6K MLM-1Mile
Course Map FM Course Map 2.6K Course Map 1 mile Course details

The TCS London Marathon route has a POINT-TO-POINT course with the below-mentioned Start and Finish points:

Start Point Finish Point
Marathon Greenwich Park (Red Start),
St John’s Park (Green Start),
Shooter’s Hill Road (Blue Start)
St James Park
1 mile MLM Horse Guard’s Road Near Mall Road, St John’s Park
2.6K MLM Surrey Street Near Mall Road, St John’s Park

Prize Money

Information about the prizes/ awards for the TCS London Marathon 2024 not available but below are details from the earlier editions

Partial information about the awards /Prize money for TCS London Marathon 2023 is provided below. 

  • Wheelchair division total prize purse is $253,500 with the winners of the men’s and women’s wheelchair race receiving $45,000 each, The prizes will go upto top 10 position holders

Below is more information from the TCS London Marathon 2022 .

  • The total prize purse is $313,000
  • Men’s and women’s winner win $55,000 each (Prizes go upto top 10 position holders)
  • Additional prizes will go to athletes that run a certain time or break a course record.

2023 and Earlier Edition Results


Important Points

  • At the expo, the participants need to present their email with a unique QR code along with a photo ID to receive their participant event packet.
  • In case unable to pick up the event pack on their own, participants can send their representatives along with the email (with QR code), runners’ photo ID card copy, and an authorization letter.
  • On race day, participants can avail of free travel (using their bib number) on Southeastern train services from London stations to the Start, as well as on the Docklands Light Railway (DLR), London Underground, and buses.
    There would be four assembly areas (Blue, Green, Red & Yellow) and 3 starting points (Blue, Green & Red). The color of the bib numbers helps define the assembly area.

    • Blue numbers on White background = Blue
    • Green numbers on White background = Green
    • Red numbers on White background = Red
    • Red numbers on Yellow background = Yellow
  • Pacers would be available with finish timings of 3 hrs to 7 hrs 30 min with 15 min intervals. There would be n=80 pacers spread across the four assembly points.
  • Water, Lucozade sports drinks, and Lucozade gels would be available at aid stations. Toilet and medical aid facilities would also be available.
  • If the participant has entered the wheelchair section of the Event, he/she is only permitted to use a self-propelled wheelchair without gears or any mechanical, powered, or electronic aid or device. If in the elite wheelchair section of the Event, participants will only use a racing wheelchair approved by LME.
  • Race entries can be deferred to the following year if the participant is eligible to do so. Pregnancy or postpartum/ UK residents who got placed via ballot, running clubs, and stakeholders/ International runners who got placed via ballot are eligible to defer race entry. Charity, Good for Age, and Championship places cannot be deferred.
  • A free mobile app is available to aid both runners & spectators. Read more about downloading the mobile app for both Apple and Android phones.
  • Organizers anticipate most participants to finish the race in 8 hrs. A specially recruited group of 50 ‘Tailwalkers’ will move along the entire route at an eight-hour pace, starting at the back of the final wave on all three starts: Blue, Green, and Red. If runners are unable to maintain this 8 hrs pace, a Tailwalker will drop back, move them onto the pavement, and support and guide the runners through to the Finish Line at whatever pace they are able to maintain. Drinks Stations and timing mats will stay in place until all Tailwalkers have passed. A Course Control vehicle will follow the Tailwalkers, along with two coaches to collect any participants who are unable to continue.

Contact Information
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