Mainova Frankfurt Marathon – 2023 Registration & 2022 Results

Frankfurt Marathon
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Frankfurt, Germany October 29, 2023 Registration Open

The Frankfurt Marathon is an annual marathon held in Frankfurt, Germany since 1981. It is the longest-established city marathon held in Germany.

While the Frankfurt Marathon is organized by the agency motion events, the main sponsor for the Frankfurt Marathon has been Mainova since 2016 (earlier to 2016, BMW and Commerzbank were also title sponsors).

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Mainova Frankfurt Marathon

Race Categories, Dates, Registration, Eligibility & Fees

Marathon Marathon Relay Mini Marathon Shock Headed Peter Run
Distance 42.2km 42.2km 4.2km 420mtrs
Race Date 29th October, 2023 29th October, 2023 29th October, 2023 28th October, 2023
Start Time 10 am ^ 10:35 am 10:55am 11:30am-12:10pm^^
Eligibility Criterion 18 years & above 12 years & above# 8-17 years 5-9 years
Fees* €95 & Up €180 & Up €10 & Up Free
Registration** Register here Register here Register here Register here
Expo Details Venue: Frankfurt Trade Fair (Messe Frankfurt), Hall 1, Level 2
Date & Time: 27th Oct (12pm-7pm), 28th Oct (10am – 7pm) & 29th Oct (7am-9:30am)

# Marathon Relay runners need to be of the following age groups: Runner 1: 12.9km (2007 and older), Runner 2: 6.1km (2011 and older), Runner 3: 9.5km (2009 and older), Runner 4: 13.5km (2007 and older).
* Prices are time sensitive i.e. will go up as we get closer to the race date. Price change scheduled for
     Marathon: January 1, July 1, October 9, and October 22, 2023
     Marathon Relay: July 1, October 9, and October 22, 2023
     Mini Marathon: January 1, October 9, and October 22, 2023
** Group registrations for Full Marathon from 10 individual participants or 5 relay teams.
^ For Marathon 2023, the first wave started at 10 am, and the second wave at 10:10 am.
     The first wave: start at 10 am
          1. corral „HOKA“: International elite / other runners with finish time <3:00 hrs
          2. corral „Messi Frankfurt“:: Runners with finish time 3:00 – 3:15 hrs
          3. corral „Stadt Frankfurt“: Runners with finish time 3:15 – 3:30 hrs
     Second wave: start at 10:10am
          4. corral „Mainova“: Runners with finish time 3:30 -3:45 hrs
          5. corral „Rosbacher“: Runners with finish time 3:45 -4:00 hrs
          6. corral „Krombacher“: Runners with finish time >4:00 hrs or no expected finish time given.
^^ For Peter Run 2023, wave 1 (kids 2018) starts at 11:30 am, wave 2 (kids 2017) starts at 11:40 am, wave 3 (kids 2016) starts at 11:50 am, wave 4 (kids 2015) starts at 12:00 pm and wave 5 (kids 2014) starts at 12:10 pm.

Route/Course Map

Information about Route Maps for various events of Mainova Frankfurt Marathon 2023 is provided below.

Full Marathon Marathon Relay Mini Marathon Shock Headed Peter Run
Course Map FM Course Map MR Course Map Mini Marathon Course Map Peter Run Course Map

The Mainova Frankfurt Marathon route has an OUT & BACK course with the below-mentioned Start and Finish points:

Start Point Finish Point
Marathon Friedrich-Ebert Anlage Festhalle
Marathon Relay Friedrich-Ebert Anlage Festhalle
Mini Marathon Friedrich-Ebert Anlage Festhalle
Shock Headed Peter Run Messe Frankfurt, next to the building “Forum” Festival hall (Festhalle)

Prize Money

Information about Prize Money for Mainova Frankfurt Marathon 2023 has not yet been released. Below are details of the prize purse of the Mainova Frankfurt Marathon 2019 edition for reference.

Marathon Faster Slower
1st Place (Faster / Slower 2:06:30 M & 2:22:00 F) €30,000 €20,000
2nd Place (Faster / Slower 2:07:00 M & 2:22:30 F) €18,000 €12,000
3rd Place (Faster / Slower 2:07:30 M & 2:23:00 F) €10,000 €8,000
4th Place (Faster / Slower 2:08:00 M & 2:24:00 F) €6,000 €5,000
5th Place (Faster / Slower 2:09:00 M & 2:25:00 F) €4,000 €3,500
6th Place (Faster / Slower 2:10:00 M & 2:26:00 F) €3,000 €2,500
7th Place (Faster / Slower 2:10:30 M & 2:27:00 F) €2,000 €1,500
8th Place (Faster / Slower 2:11:00 M & 2:28:00 F) €1,500 €1,000
9th Place (Faster / Slower 2:11:00 M & 2:28:00 F) €1,000 €750
10th Place (Faster / Slower 2:11:30 M & 2:29:00 F) €500 €400

*Time limit for prize money 2:14:00 M & 2:34:00 F

Other than the above, the following time bonuses were also awarded in the Mainova Frankfurt Marathon 2019.

New Course record (M= Sub 2:03:42 and F= 2:19:10) €10,000
Time bonus also available (11 deep) Ranging from €30,000-€1,500

Check more information about the Mainova Frankfurt Marathon awards 2019

The Mainova Frankfurt marathon also awards, the first three of each age class, a free start including a HOKA Eventline-Shirt for the following year. The dispatch for the 2022 event takes place at the end of January 2023.

The Mainova Frankfurt Mini-Marathon awards attractive prizes to the first three place players of the respective age classes (U10/ U12/ U14/ U16/ U18).

Points to Note for Prize Purse

  • Awards are equal for Male and Female participants
  • All Prize money and bonuses are subject to a deduction of German income tax (15,825 %) for those who are not residents of Germany.
  • Prize money and time bonus only for athletes with a signed contract with Mainova Frankfurt Marathon / International SportService.

2022 and Earlier Edition Results/Photos



Important Points

  1. Transfer of registration (re-registration in favor of another runner) can only happen up to the beginning of October 9th October 2022. Please note that additional services ordered by the runner originally entered such as ChampionChip, medal engraving, SMS Service or event shirt cannot be transferred to the new registration.
  2. A withdrawal from the Frankfurt Marathon is possible only on health grounds. In this case, the participant will receive a voucher code for next year’s event once the relevant conditions have been checked. The voucher code cannot be transferred to other people, competitions, or even years. This possibility does not apply to either the Children’s Race or the Mini-Marathon.
  3. Each participant receives their start number on-site upon presentation of their starting license. If they are unable to present their starting license, the start number will still be handed over if they can present their passport. Should the participant be unable to collect their start number in person, whoever is collecting it on their behalf must present the participant’s starting license and written confirmation from the participant, empowering them to do so on their behalf?
  4. Participants of the Shock-headed Peter Run start without a race number. The first 1200 children will also receive a T-shirt in the building “Forum” at the fairgrounds on race day.
  5. It is forbidden to leave the course or take shortcuts, receive help from a non-participant (with a bicycle, or inline-skates), be accompanied by a non-participant, or use any other form of help.
  6. Every participant in the Marathon and Mini-Marathon has to wear a ChampionChip which is to be fastened to the laces of their running shoes. The participant in the Relay Marathon receives a ChampionChip which is to be fastened to a Velcro strip. This is to be worn around the ankle during the race and to be handed over to the next runner at the relay exchange points.
  7. Aid stations are usually every 5km and have the following – clock, medical aid, own nutrition (only for eligible runners), mineral water, isotonic drinks, tea, troughs with water to dunk in your sponge, and litter bins. Organic bananas and gels would be available at limited aid stations starting at 15km. The stations at 5km and 10km are lined up on both sides; all other stations are one-sided only!
  8. Pace makers are available for the following finish times: 2:59, 3:14, 3:29, 3:44, 3:59, 4:14, 4:29, 4:44, 4:59, and 5:29 hours.
  9. Participants can use the massage service between 12 noon and 5 pm in hall 1, level 1 after showering. This is a free service for all our athletes. The changing rooms and showers are available in hall 1, basement.
  10. Information about the Mainova Frankfurt Marathon Tracking & Event App can be found here
  11. Time limit applicable on the course for after which the course is thrown open to normal traffic.
    • Full Marathon: 6 hrs
    • Marathon relay: 6 hrs
  12. For the marathon relay, each team consists of four members each running part of the whole distance.
    1. runner: 12.9km
    2. runner: 6.1km
    3. runner: 9.5km
    4. runner: 13.5km

Contact Information
Mailing address: Mainova Franfurt Marathon, Motion Events GmbH, Sonnemannstr. 5, 60314 Frankfurt am Main
Telephone: +49 69 3700 468 – 0
Fax: +49 69 3700 468 – 11

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